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Courtney McKee, Headframe Spirits


"I have seen a direct benefit in my team, following participating in Athena. How they engage with me, and how they engage with each other. They are asking themselves, "How can I be bigger and bolder in my role? If I had a opportunity to bring them again next year?  You bet your ass I would." -- Courtney McKee, CEO, Headframe Spirits & Headframe Spirits Manufacturing





We've all been to conferences, watched a TED Talk, or sat through a seminar halfway around the world that gave us that burst of inspiration, and the tools to re-evaluate our work, our lives, and our mission.

But sometimes, we come back to our own communities and we only think as far as the four walls of our own city.


Lindsay Schack Athena Conference


"The best thing about Athena was connecting with the women at my table within our discussions - we had much in common as it turns out! I made some new friends and gained insight from the speakers - I hope to share that with my team." -- Lindsay Schack, Co-Owner, Love Schack Architecture



"Thanks for the wisdom you and your superstar team brought for the Athena Conference. The ladies of Alpine were and still are spinning with ideas and tools to make Montana -- heck, the WORLD -- a better place!" -- Sam, Angela, and Leah, Alpine Physical Therapy

Athena is a gathering that's part inspirational, part educational, part fire-you-up-to-get-stuff-done. It will bring together influential speakers, attendees, and partners to take part in a carefully crafted, high-end experience that will leave you with new acquaintances, new skills, and a whole journal full of new ideas.

We've got luminaries, disruptors, startup ideawomen, and women who have been there and done it, many times over.

The Athena Conference is for the entrepreneur, the corporate executive, the non-profit director, the retiree who is leading the way in her community, and any woman in a position of leadership who feels she has something powerful and important to bring to the table.

As an invitation-only event, this experience will put together women from all over the country to learn alongside similarly powerful women.

The support and ideas you'll get at Athena will lead to new companies being started, patents being filed, commitments being made, and overall dramatic life improvements. It will be your chance to ask questions, to get honest about how to get to the next level, and to be encouraged and inspired to keep going toward your goals.

We believe no woman should have to travel far and wide, and have "the right connections" to learn to tap into their amazing inner leader. We're taking those women and equipping them with the speakers, attendees, and partners to help them grow, change, and think bigger. 

Way bigger.

CeCe Harris from Wisetail - Athena Conference


"The best thing about Athena was the freedom and the time between the sessions to dialog and to feel and to do some real, emotional work. At Athena, I learned that I really do have important things to say and I do have a case to argue for myself to be in a leadership position (and that my wellness wheel is way out of whack)!" -- Cece Harris, Client Experience, Wisetail

Heather Palermo - Athena Conference



"I think the mission of Athena is so important because the women in Montana are incredible and it is important to bring us all together to focus on not just making ourselves better but making Montana better." -- Heather Palermo, Director of Lifelong Learning, Great Falls College



Our 2016 Conference was incredible.

160 powerful women, 12 energizing speakers, over a dozen partners and sponsors who truly believed in the mission of bringing together inspiring female leaders from all over the Mountain West -- all culminated in one-and-a-half days of connection, community, and action.

We can't wait to share more details about the 2017 conference. Until then, request your invitation here and we'll be in touch in the coming months!


Jen Euell
Hannah Linkenhoker



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